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Novapor foam packaging EPP EPP molded parts EPP contours molded part toothed strip

10 reasons why NOVAPOR is the right partner for EPP molded parts


NOVAPOR specializes in the production of EPP molded parts and offers the right solution for every challenge. For simple components and small and medium quantities, NOVAPOR can produce EPP molded parts without high tool costs. For large and complex components, we offer the molded parts with tooling costs in order to achieve a low unit price. Save time and money, thanks to our extensive range of machinery that enables us to find the right production option for your application. 

What is EPP? 

EPP stands for expanded polypropylene. It is a lightweight yet high-performance plastic made by foaming polypropylene. EPP is used for various applications such as packaging material, automotive parts, insulation material, sports equipment and technical moldings due to its shock-absorbing and insulating properties as well as its formability. Find out more about EPP on our EPP page.

How is EPP processed at NOVAPOR?

Novapor foam packaging EPP EPP molded parts EPP contours molded part

We at NOVAPOR can process EPP parts in a variety of ways thanks to our wide range of machines. We can easily manufacture products such as gaskets, insulation, moldings or inserts because we use a different manufacturing approach than most molding manufacturers. We process raw blocks of EPP with different densities and can split, mill, water jet or punch them. Since EPP is a thermoplastic, we are able to thermally weld individual components together without adding adhesive. Our big advantage – there are no high tool costs, as with a foamed molded part. Of course there are limitations in terms of shaping, but our production method is particularly advantageous for 2-dimensional contours and small to medium-sized quantities. 

EPP molded parts: EPP moulded parts: Product changes after project initiation  

EPP molded parts usually require tools for production. Once a tool has been manufactured, changes are time-consuming and costly to implement. This is different with NOVAPOR's production method. Changes to the contours and shape can be implemented at any time and inexpensively. 

Novapor foam packaging EPP EPP molded parts EPP contours molded part
Novapor foam packaging EPP EPP molded parts EPP contours molded part
Novapor foam packaging EPP EPP molded parts EPP contours molded part

Customer-oriented solutions

NOVAPOR's flexibility in terms of production methods is directly reflected in customer-oriented solutions. From individual seals for special industrial applications to customized insulation for complex technical requirements - we deliver products that are perfectly designed to our customer needs.

Cross-industry opportunities

NOVAPOR molded parts are often used for sealing and insulating. The products are used across industries. From seals for automobiles to cool boxes for the food industry to seals in mechanical engineering. EPP can be used in a variety of ways and NOVAPOR manufacturing options offer a wide range of possible applications.

Sustainability of EPP

EPP has become synonymous with sustainability because it is made from polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that is recyclable and requires little energy to produce. EPP consists of approximately 96% air, is durable and reusable. Other aspects of EPP sustainability include:  

  • Lightweight - EPP moldings are lightweight, which can result in lower transportation emissions. Less fuel is required to transport them, helping to reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions.
  • Longevity and reusability – EPP moldings are often durable and can be used multiple times before they need to be disposed of. Their strength and impact resistance make them particularly suitable for applications where long-lasting products are required, such as packaging materials or reusable containers.
  • Recyclability – EPP molded parts are largely recyclable. The material can be shredded and reused in new products or recycled into other applications, helping to reduce waste and reduce the need for raw materials.
  • Energy efficiency in the manufacturing process – The manufacturing process of EPP moldings can be more energy efficient compared to other materials. This is because the expansion process that leads to the production of EPP requires less energy than the production of other plastics or materials with similar properties.
  • Reducing waste and waste – By using EPP moldings, companies can reduce the consumption of other, less sustainable materials. They can also help reduce waste as they often last longer and need to be replaced less frequently than products made from less robust materials.

Innovative alternatives to tool-bound molded parts

NOVAPOR has established itself as one of the most flexible processors in EPP processing by using production without tool costs as the central point of its innovation strategy. The combination of high-quality EPP panels and modern processing techniques offers customers not only cost-effective but also tailor-made solutions. NOVAPOR's flexibility in terms of small quantities sets new standards in the plastics industry and inspires further progress. 

Novapor foam packaging EPP EPP molded parts EPP contours molded part

Discover the 10 most important reasonswhy NOVAPOR EPP molded parts are the ideal solution for your product when it comes to saving money without compromising on quality and flexibility:

  • Comprehensive experience

    NOVAPOR has many years of experience in the production of EPP molded parts. This experience enables us to apply in-depth know-how and extensive specialist knowledge in the industry.

  • Innovative solutions

    As a provider, NOVAPOR is characterized by innovative solution approaches. The company always strives to use new technologies and approaches to meet the changing needs of the market.

  • Custom adjustments

    NOVAPOR offers the opportunity to design EPP molded parts exactly according to the specific requirements and wishes of customers. The tailor-made solutions enable optimal integration of the molded parts into various applications.

  • Cost-efficient production

    Through efficient production processes and the elimination of unnecessary cost points, NOVAPOR enables cost-efficient production of EPP molded parts. This helps to offer competitive prices.

  • High material quality

    NOVAPOR attaches great importance to the selection of high-quality materials. This not only ensures the longevity of the EPP molded parts, but also their resistance to various environmental influences.

  • Sustainability

    NOVAPOR is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices. The use of expanded polypropylene (EPP) as a material is environmentally friendly and recyclable, contributing to an overall positive environmental balance.

  • Flexible production capacities

    NOVAPOR has flexible production capacities that allow the company to respond quickly to customer needs. This ensures timely and efficient delivery of EPP products.

  • Highest production quality standards

    NOVAPOR manufactures to the highest quality standards. Strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process ensure that the EPP moldings meet customers' requirements and expectations.

  • Comprehensive service

    NOVAPOR not only offers high-quality EPP molded parts, but also a comprehensive service. From consulting and development to production and delivery, the company offers holistic support.

  • International presence

    With an international presence and global partnerships, NOVAPOR is able to serve customers worldwide. The global focus allows the company to adapt to different market conditions and meet global customer needs.

Case study: Volkswagen ID.3

EPP seal

Novapor EPP Automotive EPP molded parts foam

Volkswagen was faced with the challenge of obtaining a small seal for the trunk of its ID.3. It was just a small piece of expanded polypropylene (EPP). Despite the high and long running time of the ID.3, the investment in expensive tools was not justified.



In this scenario, NOVAPOR proposed an innovative solution. Instead of incurring high costs for the production of moulds, NOVAPOR suggested manufacturing the seal as a cut-to-size piece of EPP. This customized solution met Volkswagen's exact requirements for the ID.3. 



The decision in favour of NOVAPOR brought Volkswagen several advantages. First and foremost, the tooling costs were eliminated, which would not have been economical for small blanks such as the ID.3 sealing. NOVAPOR not only offered a cost-efficient solution, but also guaranteed the highest quality at attractive prices.  



The collaboration with NOVAPOR gave Volkswagen maximum flexibility. The seals could be produced quickly and as needed without the need for expensive tools. This approach made it possible to adapt flexibly to the requirements of the manufacturing process without having to accept time-consuming setup times. 

The success of the ID.3 project illustrates how innovative solutions paved the way for efficient and flexible production. Volkswagen benefited from the combination of cost efficiency, high quality and maximum flexibility that NOVAPOR offered. This success story shows that it is not always necessary to invest in complex tools to produce customized components. 



Partnerships like the one between Volkswagen and NOVAPOR illustrate how innovative approaches can pave the way for sustainable solutions in automobile production. In an industry subject to constant change, companies like NOVAPOR play a key role in providing cost-effective, flexible and high quality solutions. Such partnerships open up new perspectives for adapting to changing requirements while remaining competitive. The path to future-oriented solutions leads through innovative approaches such as those from NOVAPOR. 

Future-oriented outlook

NOVAPOR proves that saving tool costs is not just an economic decision, but can also be a driving force for innovation and adaptability. The ability to produce small quantities economically opens up new opportunities for prototyping and custom solutions that previously seemed financially unfeasible.

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