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Novapor: 66 years of innovation in the packaging industry

Novapor 66 years of innovation in the packaging industry Packaging Foam

A journey through development and success More than six decades ago, in 1958, Hans Lau took a bold step into the world of the packaging industry when he founded NOVAPOR. Hans Lau, aged 53, together with his wife Lilly and his two daughters Irmgard and Elke, decided to expand his business after already successfully running […]

Dangerous goods packaging: Protection and safety for the transport of dangerous goods

Hazardous goods packaging Novapor foam

As experts for individual packaging solutions, it is particularly important to us at NOVAPOR to provide information about dangerous goods packaging. The safe transport of dangerous goods is crucial for the safety of people, the environment and property. But what exactly is dangerous goods packaging and what requirements does it have to meet? What is dangerous goods packaging? Dangerous goods packaging is specially developed packaging […]

Transport packaging: Ship products and machines safely

Novapor foam transport packaging export packaging

Transport packaging plays a crucial role for companies that want to ship or export products and machines nationally and worldwide. The transport packaging must not only be robust and durable to survive transport, but also protect the contents while complying with international shipping regulations. In this blog post we take a detailed look at transport packaging and […]

10 reasons why NOVAPOR is the right partner for EPP molded parts

Novapor foam packaging EPP EPP molded parts EPP contours molded part toothed strip

NOVAPOR specializes in the production of EPP molded parts and offers the right solution for every challenge. For simple components and small and medium quantities, NOVAPOR can produce EPP molded parts without high tool costs. For large and complex components, we offer the molded parts with tooling costs in order to achieve a low unit price. Save money and time because […]

NOVAPOR: Mayor Stefan Bohlen visits the innovative world of packaging

NOVAPOR Mayor Stefan Niclas Bohlen visits the innovative world of packaging

Kaltenkirchen – A warm welcome and interesting insights characterized the visit by Mayor Stefan Niclas Bohlen and the economic development agency to NOVAPOR, the traditional family business in Kaltenkirchen. Together with the managing directors Jörg and Andreas Mühlenberg, we not only discussed the company's impressive development, but also its importance for the local economy. Mayor Bohlen […]

Recycled Foam: Your Guide to Sustainable Foams

Novapor recycled foam

In a world that is increasingly focusing on sustainability and environmental protection, recycled foams, also known as recycled foams, are becoming increasingly important. Recycled foams are an innovative solution that has established itself as a resource-saving alternative to conventional foams. In this blog post we will take an in-depth look at recycled foam, from its definition to different variants and […]

All About Corrugated Cardboard: A Comprehensive Introduction

Novapor foam packaging everything about corrugated cardboard boxes guide

In this in-depth blog post, you will learn all about corrugated cardboard and delve deep into the world of corrugated cardboard, from the basics like Kraftliner and Testliner to the different flute types and combinations (1-wave, 2-wall and 3-wall). For this article, Novapor sales representative Marc Niewidok explained the world of corrugated cardboard to us in more detail. Corrugated cardboard – this versatile […]

The path to a circular economy: recycling at NOVAPOR

Novapor foam packaging recycling at Novapor

Discover recycling at Novapor and how it helps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. At a time when sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important, the packaging industry plays an undeniable key role in reducing waste and conserving natural resources. At NOVAPOR we understand […]

Insights into the world of training at Novapor

Novapor foam packaging training at Novapor

At Novapor we understand the importance of sound training as a basis for a promising professional career. With internships before training at Novapor and at least four fixed trade fairs a year, we try to pick up students early and enable a smooth transition from school to a successful professional career at Novapor. We place great […]