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Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container Plastic cases, aluminum containers, flight cases, wooden cases

Choosing the right case or container: 15 important points to consider


Choosing the right case or container is crucial to transporting and storing your products safely. At Novapor, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of cases and containers that offer the optimal solution for every application and every product. From robust plastic cases to durable aluminum containers, we have the right solution for every purpose. In the world of cases and containers, it is easy to make the wrong choice - we want to help you a little with our guide.

1. Weight

When cases and containers are used on a daily basis, weight plays a crucial role. This is especially true if the case or container is shipped frequently. Every gram counts and choosing the right container is crucial. At Novapor, we offer a wide selection. For example, for use in hand luggage, we offer our PELI® AIR cases, which are very robust, waterproof and yet lightweight.

Various Peli™ protective cases with Novapor foam inserts, Peli™ Air Case, Peli™ Storm Case, Peli™ Protector Long

2. Intended use

Depending on the application, you should choose a case that meets the specific requirements. Whether on a construction site, where cases and containers must be robust and stable, or on the water, where watertightness is important, there are containers that have been specially developed for such environments. If a case is only used for storage on the shelf, you can use a simple case.

3. Waterproofness

The waterproofness or dustproofness of a case or container is of crucial importance, especially when it comes to transporting delicate or water-sensitive products. A waterproof or dustproof case protects the products inside from moisture, humidity and dust that may occur during transport. This is especially important if the products are sensitive to moisture or dust, as moisture can cause damage and dust can contaminate or affect the products.


Ensuring a waterproof or dustproof seal ensures that products remain safe and intact during transport. This is especially important during outdoor activities or when transporting products over long distances, where products may be exposed to various weather conditions. A high-quality waterproof or dustproof case will therefore provide reliable protection for your products and help maintain their integrity and quality.

Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container

4. Materials

Choosing the right material for a case or container depends on a number of factors, including the type of products being transported, the environment in which it will be used, and specific requirements for weight, robustness and stability. At NOVAPOR, we offer a variety of material options, including plastic, wood and aluminium, to ensure you get the best possible solution for your needs.

Plastic cases

They are a popular choice for transporting light to medium-weight products. They are lightweight, robust and offer good resistance to shocks and drops. Plastic cases are also available in different colours and designs, making them ideal for use in a variety of industries and environments. 

Peli™ Protector Case with Novapor foam insert, automatic pressure compensation valve, protective case Pro
Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container

Wooden cases

They are known for their strength and durability. They offer excellent protection for heavy or delicate products and are particularly suitable for the transport of bulk goods or bulky items. In addition, wooden cases can easily adapted and individually designed to meet the specific requirements of your products. 

Aluminium containers

 are an excellent choice for applications that require high stability and durability. They are lightweight, yet robust and offer reliable protection for sensitive or valuable products. Aluminium containers are also corrosion-resistant and are therefore well suited for use in humid or aggressive environments

Aluminum boxes in different sizes

5. Durability

Durability is a key factor when choosing a case or container, as it should ensure that your products remain safe and secure, even in demanding conditions. A quality case or container should therefore be robust and durable to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

However, durability does not necessarily mean that a container has to be super stable and heavy. For simple applications, a lightweight plastic case be the perfect solution. Although plastic cases are lighter than their aluminum or wooden counterparts, they still offer sufficient durability and protection for many applications.

Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container

6. Size & Design

The right size and design are crucial when choosing a shipping case or shipping container as they must ensure that your products can be transported safely and efficiently. At Novapor, we offer a variety of options to ensure you get the perfect box or container for your needs.


Novapor Foam Packaging Choosing the right case or container Branding
Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container
Novapor flight cases with foam inserts for transporting sensitive equipment,

The size of the box or container should meet your specific requirements and provide enough space for the products to be transported. We have a wide range of standard sizes that are suitable for many applications. In addition, we offer the possibility of developing customized solutions to ensure that the box or container fits your products perfectly. For example, our flight cases can be sized to suit your requirements to ensure optimal protection of your products.


Peli™ Air protective case with Novapor foam inserts and technical modification, black
Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container Plastic cases
Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container

In terms of design, we also offer many options to ensure that the case or container meets your expectations. We have a variety of colors to choose from to ensure that the bag or container matches your company's branding or your individual style. In addition, we offer the option of customizing the bag or case with your logo or other customized elements to personalize the look and perfect the result.

7. Safety

Safety is an essential aspect when choosing cases and containers, especially when it comes to transporting valuable or sensitive goods.

Padlock: Make sure the suitcase or container can be locked with a padlock to prevent unauthorized access. A solid lock will provide additional security and protect your items from theft or unauthorized access.

Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container

8. Robustness and resistance

Choose a case or container that is sturdy and durable to ensure it cannot be easily broken into or damaged. Quality materials and solid construction are essential to ensure the safety of your goods.


Certified containers for dangerous goods: If you are transporting dangerous goods, make sure the container meets all required certifications and standards. This will ensure that your products are transported safely and legally and do not pose a threat to the environment or safety.


Special security features: Some cases and containers have special security features such as built-in locks, reinforced closures or tamper-evident design elements. These additional security precautions can help further increase the security of your goods and protect them from theft or unwanted access.

Novapor Economy protective case, waterproof and dustproof trolley case with extendable handle in black
Novapor flight cases with foam inserts for transporting sensitive equipment,

9. Ergonomics

An ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and makes it easier to transport the case, especially with frequent use. Carrying comfort is important, as an ergonomically designed handle or carrying handle allows the suitcase to be carried comfortably and safely, even over longer distances or when carrying heavy loads. The shape and padding of the handle should correspond to the natural movements of the hand and provide a comfortable carrying experience.


Weight distribution is also important, as even weight distribution in the suitcase or container helps reduce strain on the body and makes carrying or moving easier. By placing heavier items in the lower part of the suitcase and using lighter materials, optimal weight distribution can be achieved.


Pull-out handles, wheels and castors can also help, as it is important for cases and containers with castors to roll smoothly and be easy to steer. Ergonomically designed wheels and handles help to facilitate the handling and movement of the case and increase comfort for the user.


10. Modularity

Modularity is an important consideration when choosing cases and containers as it allows for flexible and customizable interiors. A modular case offers the ability to use different inserts or dividers to make the most of the available space and organize the interior as needed. This allows you to store your items safely and efficiently, whether they are delicate equipment, tools or personal items. The ability to customize the case according to your needs makes it versatile and makes organizing and handling your items easier. At Novapor, we offer a variety of modular cases and containers that can be customized with foam inserts and dividers to meet your specific needs.

Novapor flight cases with foam inserts for transporting sensitive equipment,
Peli™ Air Case for aircraft transport with Novapor foam insert and tool insert, hand luggage size, black

11. Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance is a crucial factor when choosing containers and cases, especially in extreme weather conditions such as Antarctica or the desert. The right material plays a crucial role here, as it must ensure that the containers do not become brittle or break even in extreme temperature fluctuations. Robust materials such as special plastics or aluminum alloys offer high temperature resistance and ensure the integrity of the containers, even in extreme conditions. At Novapor, we place great emphasis on selecting high-quality materials that offer optimal temperature resistance and ensure that your items are protected at all times, no matter what environment they are in. Our containers and cases are specifically designed to withstand even the most demanding weather conditions and ensure reliable performance. 


Break resistance: Especially for the transport of fragile products, it is important that the case is break-proof and offers safe protection.


Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container

12. Certifications

In certain industries it is necessary to use only cases and containers with certain certifications in order to ensure a high quality standard and to meet the requirements. We have a range of transport cases and containers which have a range of certifications. Class certifications are for example:


MIL-STD (Military Standard): This certification is used by the US military and ensures that products meet certain military requirements


TA (Air Transport Association): This certification is used by the aviation industry and ensures that cases and containers meet the requirements for the safe transport of airline baggage.


Dangerous goods: Cases and containers used to transport dangerous goods must be marked and labelled accordingly to indicate the type of dangerous goods and to communicate the necessary safety measures. These include, but are not limited to, dangerous goods labels, hazard labels and UN numbers.


13. Environmental friendliness

Look for environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes to help protect the environment. Recyclable protective cases offer an environmentally friendly solution for the safe transport and storage of products. These cases are made from materials that can be recycled after use, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. By using these environmentally friendly packaging solutions, companies can not only protect the environment, but also reduce costs and improve their image. We offer cases and containers made from recycled material, such as our ECO cases. These are waterproof, lightweight and made from 100% recycled plastic.


14. Costs

Costs for cases and containers can vary depending on a number of factors, including size, material, certifications and specific requirements. Larger and custom-built cases or containers can typically be more expensive than standard models. The choice of material also plays a role, with plastic cases often being more cost-effective than aluminum or wooden containers. Certifications such as UN approvals or other special requirements can also contribute to the cost. It is important that the price and requirements of the case match, and we are happy to advise you on this.


Novapor foam packaging Choosing the right case or container

15. From inside to outside

When selecting cases and containers, we recommend planning from the inside out! The products that are to be packed should be included and a suitable foam insert planned. From there, the right container can be selected in relation to the requirements. This means that the case is not chosen too large and optimal protection can be guaranteed.

The right case or container at NOVAPOR

At Novapor we are happy to help you choose the right case or container. Contact us today and let our experts advise you to find the optimal solution for your requirements.


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