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Polyethylene expansion pads from Novapor for district heating and district heating

Expansion pad for district heating: Efficiency thanks to NOVAPOR


Pallets with white foam panels are stacked in rows at NOVAPORs manufacturing site. But what are these good for? That´s an easy question!

Discover NOVAPOR expansion pads for district heating

Supplying residential areas or districts with thermal energy from central systems, i.e. district heating, has established itself as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective method for heating buildings. Innovative technologies and materials are required to efficiently transport thermal energy from producer to consumer and minimize losses. This is where NOVAPOR district heating expansion pads come into play, which play a key role in optimizing district heating systems.

What are stretch pads and how do they work?

NOVAPOR expansion pads are specially developed foam pads that enclose the district heating pipes in sections in order to increase their efficiency and prevent erosion in the subsoil. These stretch pads consist of crosslinked polyethylene, a material with excellent insulating properties. They are available in different sizes and thicknesses to suit the specific needs of a district heating system.

Foam pads that cover the District Heating lines to increase their efficiency
Foam pads that cover the district heating pipes to increase their efficiency and prevent erosion in the subsoil

As the temperature in the heating pipes changes, the material expands or contracts, equalizing the pressure and tension in the pipe. This is particularly important as district heating systems are often exposed to high temperatures and pressures. The use of NOVAPOR expansion pads for district heating maintains the integrity of the pipes, reduces leaks and cracks that can lead to energy loss, and ensures that earth pressure is maintained around the pipes.

The conservation of resources in district heating systems is an essential prerequisite for reducing energy consumption, reducing costs and reducing environmental impact. High-quality insulation materials on distribution pipes such as NOVAPOR expansion pads for district heating can reduce energy waste by minimizing heat loss during heat transfer.

Expansion pad for district heating made of polyethylene from Novapor
NOVAPOR expansion pad made of polyethylene

The advantages of Novapor expansion cushions for district heating:

Increased energy efficiency: The use of Novapor expansion cushions reduces heat loss in the pipes and thus leads to more efficient operation of the district heating system. This means less energy wasted and lower heating costs for end users.

Lifespan: Novapor stretch pads are durable and resistant to chemical influences and moisture. They help extend the lifespan of district heating pipes and reduce maintenance costs.

Environment friendly: Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled. The use of Novapor expansion pads helps to minimize the ecological footprint of district heating systems.

Increased operational safety: By relieving stress and pressure in the pipes, Novapor expansion pads for district heating reduce the risk of leaks and ruptures, which in turn increases operational safety.

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