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Novapor foam packaging transport safety

How does Novapor ensure that your packaging withstands transportation?


In the world of packaging development, Novapor stands for innovation, experience and highest safety standards. Here at Novapor, we use advanced methods to ensure that your packaging can withstand real-world transportation stresses. To do this, we offer certified packaging tests and transport simulations with reports, which are a confirmation for customers and transport service providers that the packaging will safely protect their products. This can be important for both customers and insurers.

The heart of our efforts lies not only in years of expertise, but also in state-of-the-art calculation programs that develop tailor-made packaging solutions for all types of products. But the journey of a product from one place to another can present a variety of challenges. Transport routes vary and different transport companies have different requirements.

Precise calculation for customized packaging

Our packaging developers have in-depth expertise in working with powerful calculation programs. These programs analyze products by weight and sensitivity to determine the optimal support surface and padding. These customized solutions form the basis of safe packaging that will protect your product along the way.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

Certified packaging tests and transport simulations for ultimate safety

Despite careful planning and calculations, unforeseeable situations may arise during transportation. This is where our certified transport simulation comes into play. This globally recognized method ensures that your packaging is put through its paces not only theoretically, but also under real conditions. The tests take place in an ISO 17025 accredited environmental simulation testing laboratory to ensure the highest standards.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

A wide range of load stresses at a glance: From warehouse to aircraft cargo compartment

Our transport simulation covers a wide range of load stresses to ensure your packaging can withstand all odds. An appropriate test cycle is selected based on the expected shipping scenario. This could include, for example, comparing domestic shipping and global shipping, or between single package shipping and pallet shipping.

Vibration test w

1. Vibration (Truck/Airplane Transport)

Realistically mimicking vibrations during truck or plane transport is crucial. Our testing ensures that your packaging can withstand the shocks that may occur during the transportation process.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

2. Shock (drop test on package, impact test on pallet)

An unexpected shock can cause significant damage. Our drop tests and impact tests ensure that your packaging is robust enough to withstand unforeseen impacts.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

3. Weather (cold, heat with low / high humidity)

Extreme climatic conditions can pose a challenge. Our tests simulate cold, heat and various humidity levels to ensure your packaging maintains its integrity under all circumstances.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

5. Vibration with surcharge (combination of vibration and compression pressure)

The combination of vibration and compression pressure is a realistic representation of certain transport conditions. Our tests ensure that your packaging remains stable even under these combined loads.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

4. Compressive pressure (stacking loads in the warehouse and truck cargo area)

The pressure from stacked products in the warehouse or truck hold cannot be underestimated. Our tests check the resilience of your packaging under such conditions.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

6. Negative pressure (aircraft cargo compartment)

The pressure in the cargo area of an aircraft can change during flight. Our tests check how well your packaging holds up under such pressure changes.

International standards for the highest quality assurance

To ensure that our packaging tests and transport simulations meet the highest standards, we follow internationally recognized certification. Some of the key standards we use are:

1. ASTM D4169

ASTM D4169 is an outstanding standard that defines various test cycles for worldwide single package and pallet shipping. DC13 and DC12 are of particular relevance.

2. ISTA series

The ISTA series offers further differentiated test procedures, including 3A for mail delivery, 3B for pallets and 3E for similar pallets in the consumer sector.

Climate testing as a precaution

Before our packaging tests and transport simulations even begin, we can also carry out climate tests. For example, we simulate tropical heat with high humidity, ideal for products to be shipped to Southeast Asia.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

Packaging test for shipping packaging

Packaging tests and transport simulations Novapor foam packaging transport safety

Novapor's shipping packaging is made to measure according to the weight, size and sensitivity of the product in question. The appropriate material, be it foam, corrugated cardboard or honeycomb cardboard, is selected efficiently. Subsequent packaging tests in accordance with ISTA certification guarantee that your transport packaging is suitable for worldwide shipping. Find out more about Novapor protective packaging:
click here.

Environmental simulation for export packaging

Export packaging is usually large and is subject to various load stresses in transit as it travels around the world. For this reason, NOVAPOR's packaging designers develop bespoke solutions using combinations of wood, corrugated cardboard and foam. The basis is usually a pallet, which enables easy transport with industrial trucks. During transportation, the packaging is not only exposed to vibrations and shocks, but also to various weather conditions and fluctuations in humidity. We offer appropriate tests to check the export packaging down to the smallest detail. So you can be sure that your product is optimally protected. Find out more about Novapor export packaging: click here.

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

Conclusion: safety is no matter of chance

At Novapor, we do everything we can to ensure that your packaging not only meets expectations, but exceeds them. Our packaging developers, supported by state-of-the-art calculation programs, lay the foundation for customized packaging solutions. Novapor certified packaging tests and transport simulations expose your packaging to real-world stress to ensure it can withstand the harshest conditions. International standards and comprehensive testing procedures guarantee the highest quality results.

In the world of transportation, safety is not an option – it is a condition for success. With Novapor you can be sure that your products reach their destination safely and undamaged. Trust in our expertise to take your packaging to the next level and master transport routes with flying colors.

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