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automotive industry

NOVAPOR is a traditional provider of foams and packaging solutions individually developed to the needs of automotive manufacturers, as well as their suppliers. We develop technical foams with an exceptionally wide operating temperature range, as well as good chemical resistance. NOVAPOR provides reusable solutions for the automotive industry, varying from small returnable boxes to large plastic containers and KLTs, folding plastic containers or mesh boxes for worldwide shipping.

NOVAPOR packaging solutions for the automotive industry

Novapor foam automotive industry load carrier 8


Components from the car are included Pendulum packaging optimally protected by NOVAPOR, the largest possible packing quantities are achieved and the packing process is optimized. Furthermore, packaging costs are reduced because the pendulum packaging can be used over a long period of time.


Good insulation and suitable insulation are essential for a comfortable ride in the car poetry at. Driving noise should be minimized and thermal insulation should maintain temperatures. They are particularly suitable for this EPP and PE foams from NOVAPOR are particularly suitable for this purpose. We supply various technical parts to the industry, whether as profiles, cut-to-size foam sheets or molded components. technical parts to the industry.

Special foam parts made of technical foam, flat gasket made of foam

Optimize processes and protect the environment with Novapor

Foam tool tray, shadowboards in black and red for protecting and organizing tools


In the automotive industry, the correlation between price and quality must add up. In order to achieve this, NOVAPOR packaging processes are optimized to the extreme.

With shadow foam inserts von NOVAPOR we are able to organize the workplaces from our automotive industry customers, both suppliers and manufacturers, so that their processes run as smoothly as possible. The result is that times are optimized, tools are protected and missing tools are indicated by our two-coloured foam inserts immediately.


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