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Defense industry

Military foam and case packaging requires far more attention to detail than commercial packaging solutions. Sensitive equipment is transported, which requires special protection. Devices and equipment must be protected from the physical and temperature challenges of being transported around the world. NOVAPOR foams and packaging are manufactured to the highest standards and take into account the fulfillment of a wide variety of standards during production. 

NOVAPOR packaging solutions for the defense industry

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  • transport case for equipment or weapons
  • Padding for seats, helmets
  • Packaging for electronic devices
  • Robust housing inserts
  • sleeping mats

unique packaging solutions for the security and military industries

Military foam packaging, Novapor foam insert, padding for weapons
Transport case for equipment or weapons, Peli™ protective case, foam insert, made to measure
Military foam and case packaging, Novapor foam insert, electronic device padding

We process Zotefoams foams that meet the following military standards:

STANDARD Material MOD Klasse Produkt

DStan 81-116 / 3 Type GP

Expanded Polyethylene Sheets - General Purpose Class A

Class A

class B

Class C

Plastazote LD24

Plastazote LD33

Plastazote LD45

DStan 81-116 / 3 Type QX

Expanded Polyethylene Plates - Explosives compatible

Class A

class B

Class C

Plastazote LD24

Plastazote LD33

Plastazote LD45

DStan 81-124 / 2 Type QX

Expanded Polyethylene Sheets and Moldings - Explosive Compatible

Plastazote LD33

DStan 93-101

Expanded polyethylene sheets, high density, general purpose

Plastazote PK80

DStan 81-125/3

Electrostatically conductive foam

Plastazote LD50CN

DStan 93-117

Static Dissipative Low Density - Polyethylene

Plastazote LD40SD

DStan 81-119 / 3

Crosslinked expanded ethylene vinyl, acetate sheet and molded parts

Evazote EV50 Evazote VA25


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