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Offshore and maritime industry

NOVAPOR is a well-know provider of solutions for the offshore and maritime industries. NOVAPOR manufacture custom products for the use in and on water, in the harsh environment of the wind energy industry and the shipping industry. Our cross-linked PE foams are particularly suitable, due to its low density, consistent high quality and flexibility. Our foam offers impressive resistance to salt water and harsh environments. NOVAPOR PE foam is waterproof, thanks to its closed cells that hardly absorb any water. The aeas of application include ship building, life jackets, oil systems, buoys, protective padding for boats, insulation and various applications within wind energy.

NOVAPOR packaging and technical products for offshore and marine industry

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The individual NOVAPOR protective pads are ideal for use and protection in both private and commercial areas. The foam can be made in a variety of different ways contours. manufactured so that it can be optimally adapted to the shapes to be protected. The foam can be used as fenders or special protection for heavy or sensitive objects in ports, in the oil industry or in the wind energy sector.

resistant foam for use under extreme water and wind conditions

FOAM FOR Offshore and Shipping

NOVAPOR has been producing solutions and products for shipyards for decades. Our Foam is used as padding or protection in boats. NOVAPOR foam meets the highest demands and can be used individually. In our range we have the right foam with military approval for the navy, or with approval for the transport of goods or people.

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