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Cellular rubber

Cellular rubber, also known as closed-cell foam or cellular foam, is a closed-cell, foam-shaped elastomer that is primarily used for sealing, insulating and insulating. Due to its high resilience, the material can be used in many different ways.


Thanks to its cells that are closed on all sides, cellular rubber offers a water and air impermeability of almost 100%. The expansion process based on natural and/or synthetic rubbers is used for production. It is characterized by its closed cells, which are filled with gas or air and therefore offer good insulation properties. The foam is usually made of elastomers, which tend to return to their original shape after being compressed. The material is perfect for applications where shock absorption and protection are required.

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Cellular rubber seal, self-adhesive, black, from Novapor foam and packaging, insulation

One material, many applications

Rubber is used to dampen vibrations and reduce noise in vehicles. Its use in various parts such as engine mounts, suspension and interior panels improves driving comfort and reduces noise levels. Cellular foam is used in many industries, including the Construction industry, the automotive industry, the Electronics industry, the packaging industry and the sports equipment industry. It is available in various densities and thicknesses to meet the needs of different applications.


  • excellent sealing
  • temperature resistant
  • water resistant
  • good solvent resistance
  • efficient vibration isolation
  • high aging resistance
  • can be easily cut or shaped into different shapes
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