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Honeycomb cardboard

Paper honeycomb panels are an ecologically sustainable material that is ideal for packaging and transport solutions for simple devices. The honeycomb structure material, also called honeycomb panels, is made from paper, kraftliner and testliner. The base forms a honeycomb structure.

Tool insert made of honeycomb cardboard paper honeycomb panels from Novapor


The experienced NOVAPOR packaging designers can design and produce creative packaging solutions from the material. Honeycomb panels can be used for different packaging such as intermediate layers, protective packaging, large containers or export packaging.

Despite its low weight, honeycomb cardboard is surprisingly stable and resilient. It can carry heavy loads and protects the contents from shocks and vibrations. The honeycomb structure allows packaging to be stacked on top of each other, saving storage space and increasing transport efficiency.


  • Fully recyclable
  • Multiple application is possible
  • Good energy absorption on transport routes
  • High compressive strength
  • Cost saving compared to wood
  • No export and import restrictions
Honeycomb structure panels 1
Protective corners, padding made of honeycomb cardboard, paper honeycomb panels from Novapor

Versatile applications

Paper honeycomb panels is used in various industries including the Electronics industry (to secure electronic components). automotive industry (for protecting car parts during transport), the furniture industry (for protecting furniture) and the Food industry (for the safe transport of food).

The recyclable properties of honeycomb cardboard contribute to sustainability as they help reduce the consumption of new raw materials.


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