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Novapor sales team, René and Marc, start of the year at Novapor

New paths, success and anniversaries: The start of the year at NOVAPOR


Welcome to our latest blog post, in which we present two exciting events at Novapor: the reinforcement of our sales team by the experienced Marc Niewidok for the Germany North/East region and the great 15th anniversary of our production manager René Rütting. These milestones reflect not only Novapor's continued growth, but also our commitment to quality work and collaboration with talented professionals. The start of the year at NOVAPOR opens up new challenges and perspectives. 

A new addition to our sales team: Marc Niewidok

On January 1, 2024, we welcomed Marc Niewidok to our sales team as a new sales representative for the North/East Germany area. Marc brings an impressive 14 years of experience in the packaging industry, making him a true expert in his field. In an exclusive interview with the management, Marc told us about his previous professional experiences and his enthusiasm for Novapor.

Marc Niewidok, Novapor sales team

"I'm really excited to be part of the Novapor team. The company has built an excellent reputation and I'm looking forward to helping expand this further. The variety of products and innovative strength of Novapor have convinced me that "This is the right place for me to further deepen my passion for packaging development."

Novapor's management also expressed confidence about the addition of Marc Niewidok. “Marc not only brings a wealth of experience, but also fresh perspectives and ideas. His expertise will undoubtedly help strengthen our position in the market and serve our customers even better.”

The expansion of the sales team is a clear signal of Novapor's growth ambitions. We are confident that Marc Niewidok will set the course for future success with his expertise and enthusiasm.

15 years of innovation and leadership: René Rütting and Novapor

Another important anniversary is the focus at Novapor: René Rütting, our production manager, is celebrating his 15th anniversary. Since joining, René has played a crucial role in the positive development of Novapor. In an exclusive interview, René gave us an insight into his journey at Novapor and the changes he has witnessed in the industry and the company.

Rene Jubilee Novapor

"It's been an incredible journey. When I started at Novapor, we were a small unit. Through hard work, innovation and the commitment of the entire team, we have become a leading company in the packaging industry. Observing and contributing to this development makes me proud and motivates me to continue to deliver top performance in the coming years."

The management also recognized René Rütting for his contribution. “René is not only an experienced production manager, but also a major building block that has made the growth of the last few years possible. His leadership has helped Novapor to continually develop and meet the changing needs of the market. We are grateful for his dedicated work and look forward to many more years of collaboration.”

René's 15th anniversary not only marks a personal milestone, but also symbolizes Novapor's stability and commitment to excellence in the packaging industry.

Start of the year at NOVAPOR: A look into the future

These two events - the reinforcement of the sales team by Marc Niewidok and the 15th anniversary of René Rütting - give us reason to be happy and at the same time an incentive for the future. At Novapor we continue to stay true to our values of quality, innovation and teamwork. The expansion of the sales team and the many years of experience of our production manager are a strong signal of our determination to continue to play a major role in the packaging industry.

Novapor René and Marc

We would like to thank Marc Niewidok and René Rütting for their commitment and trust and look forward to writing the next chapters in Novapor's success story together with them. Stay connected with us to learn more about our innovations, successes and the team behind Novapor.

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