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Packaging made of wood foam cellulose foam from Novapor shipping packaging

NEW! Novapor packaging made of wood foam: sustainability and protection in one


Nature is a rich treasure that continually gifts us with amazing materials. Among these natural wonders is the innovative wood foam Fibrease™ from Stora Enso. This lightweight foam material, derived from Nordic wood, uniquely combines sustainability and protection. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating aspects of this material and discover its versatile applications. Discover Novapor packaging made of wood foam!

Fibrease™ – A foam made from trees

Fibrease™ is a remarkable product that combines the strength and resilience of wood fiber with outstanding cushioning and insulating properties. It is made from Nordic wood that has the FSC certificate, which not only guarantees high quality but also an environmentally friendly origin. This material is truly an innovation in sustainability.

Wood foam, recyclable
Fibrease™: Foam material made from cellulose

What sets Fibrease™ apart from traditional materials is its remarkable recyclability. Once it has done its job, it can easily be integrated into existing paper and cardboard streams, closing the loop and minimizing waste. It is a pleasing thought that wood foam benefits the environment not only in its use but also in its disposal.

Novapor packaging with wood foam padding

A particularly exciting application area for Fibrease™ is the world of packaging. This is where this cellulose foam comes into action to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging while providing effective protection. This material, soft yet elastic, shows properties reminiscent of other foams. The versatility of Fibrease™ is impressive. It can be processed using various processing methods such as sawing, punching, water jet cutting and laminating. This makes it an attractive choice for manufacturers looking for sustainable packaging solutions. Fibrease™ adapts flexibly to requirements and is therefore a real all-rounder in the packaging industry.

Cellulose foam: environmental friendliness in action

Cellulose foam is a great alternative to traditional packaging materials such as PU foams. Made from cellulose fibers, typically derived from recycled paper products, it is a prime example of sustainability. It protects the environment while providing excellent protection. Not only is it great for packaging, but it also has excellent insulation properties, so it can be used for thermal shipping, for example.

Application 1: Packaging made of wood foam as a replacement for PU foam

Wood foam shipping packaging recyclable

An exciting use case for wood foam is its use as a replacement for PU foam. This replacement not only offers excellent protection, but also has the advantage of being easily disposed of in paper waste. We profiled the wood foam using our cutting machine and connected it to a corrugated cardboard insert. This is a significant step towards a more sustainable future where we reduce environmental impact while providing excellent protection.

Application 2: Packaging made of wood foam for two PU foam components

Wood foam Novapor foam picture 19

Another exciting use case for wood foam is the packaging of two components. This use not only allows for easy protection during transport, but also provides effective shock absorption. The flexibility and adaptability of wood foam make it an excellent choice for safely transporting delicate parts from A to B. This innovative solution not only minimizes damage during transport, but also the ecological footprint, as wood foam is easily recyclable.

In a world where sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important, the use of wood foam is an inspiring development. This innovative material, obtained from Nordic wood, combines the strength of nature with the demands of our modern world. From packaging to replacement solutions for traditional materials such as PU foam Wood foam an eco-friendly alternative that protects the environment while providing outstanding protection. It is time to focus on such innovative materials and work together for a more sustainable future.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Sustainability Novapor wood foam

Using Fibrease™ in packaging helps reduce the carbon footprint. Compared to traditional packaging materials such as Styrofoam or plastic film made from bubbles, Fibrease™ can significantly minimize the ecological footprint. Cellulose foam can be recycled to make new products. Using recycled material reduces dependence on fresh raw materials and helps reduce waste. This promotes a closed cycle and minimizes the need for landfills and fresh raw materials. This is particularly important in times of increasing environmental awareness and stricter regulations.

NOVAPOR: Pioneer in the development of packaging made from wood foam

With our cellulose foam packaging, you can be confident that you are packaging your products responsibly while ensuring the quality and protection they deserve. We are ready to work with you on innovative ideas and turn your needs into reality. Our commitment to sustainability and first-class products makes us the ideal partner for your next projects. Make the sustainable choice – choose cellulose foam packaging for your products.

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