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Packaging test and transport simulation

Transport damage is extremely costly and reduces customer satisfaction. Using packaging testing methods, you can determine the performance of your packaging during transport and identify where improvements are needed.


Nowadays, packaging is exposed to extreme stresses in road, air and sea transport. These may include stresses common in storage or transport - such as stacking pressure, shock or vibration, extreme temperature and humidity.

A wide range of specific tests can be carried out to check the suitability of the packaging.

Novapor packaging test and transport simulation

 Among other things, the following packaging tests and transport simulations are carried out:

Novapor foam packaging transport safety

vibration test

Shock test test

shock test

compression test

compression test

Kipp fall test 1

tilt and drop test

Environmental testing test

environmental audit

These tests ensure that your packaging will protect your products from damage during transit. Your packaging will be tested by an International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified testing laboratory and will receive a globally recognised test report.

Packaging test 1
Packaging test 3
Packaging test 2
Packaging test 4


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