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Cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard

Paper-based single-material solutions


For simple shipping with filling material or complex products with individual padding – suitable boxes and folding boxes are used for a wide range of applications. We develop various solutions for your products. Our cardboard and corrugated cardboard offer tailor-made protection and efficiency for your products. Discover our eco-friendly packaging options that transport your goods safely and sustainably. Rely on our packaging expertise to optimally protect and present your goods. We not only offer standard solutions, but also manufacture individually according to your wishes and specifications.

Shipping packaging from Novapor, made entirely of corrugated cardboard, cardboard and corrugated cardboard insert, recyclable packaging

individually developed and manufactured for your needs

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The environmentally friendly NOVAPOR honeycomb panels are ideal for use with less sensitive products.

Due to its low weight and optimal recyclability, the material is an ecologically valuable single-material solution. In combination with the appropriate outer carton, a wide variety of packaging can be created.

Due to their low weight, honeycomb cardboard packaging is ideal for shipping light goods. This saves shipping costs and reduces the ecological footprint.

custom-made cardboard boxes

We create clever folding solutions from corrugated cardboard, which not only protect your products optimally, but also present them attractively. The solutions impress with their simple assembly and quick assembly during the packaging process. There are no limits to the design due to the print and color selection.

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NOVAPOR corrugated cardboard solutions are developed for every requirement. From single-shaft corrugated cardboard for light products up to three-wall corrugated cardboard for export. We also offer corrugated cardboard packaging in various sizes and designs. From simple shipping boxes to slip-lid boxes to hazardous goods boxes with UN approval. If necessary, they can be lined with additional padding materials such as NOVAPOR foam to protect delicate items from damage during transport. Our boxes are highly customizable and can be designed with different printing techniques, labels and stickers. This allows companies to personalize their packaging with brand logos, product information and creative designs.

Corrugated cardboard: the right solution for every requirement

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We pay particular attention to individual requirements. Individual boxes with colored corporate printing and matching inner packaging. Due to their high air content in the honeycomb core, honeycomb panels are extremely light, making them ideal for applications where weight savings are important. Although lightweight, honeycomb panels offer impressive structural stability and rigidity. This makes them ideal for applications where strength is required. Not only safe packaging, but also a visually appealing overall package.



Over 100 different material qualities constantly available for you, in numerous colors and densities.

Foam panels


Folding boxes, also known as folding boxes or cardboard boxes, are one of the most common types of packaging and are used in numerous industries to ship and transport goods. These boxes are characterized by their ease of production, customizability and diverse applications. Folding boxes usually consist of a flat sheet shape made from cardboard or cardboard. This flat shape can be easily folded to form the box into its final rectangular shape. Folding boxes are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet the needs of each application. Folding boxes are cost-effective compared to other packaging options. The ease of manufacture and lightweight material help keep shipping costs low.

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The pure corrugated cardboard packaging impresses with its light weight and easy recycling. Properly separating and collecting cardboard boxes for recycling is an easy way to support the environment, conserve resources and reduce waste. The customer can dispose of the cardboard in the waste paper or the blue bin. The different types of corrugated cardboard are separated by waste disposal companies according to their properties in order to guarantee optimal recycling. Recycling one ton of cardboard can save 2.5 tons of wood and 2.5 tons of CO² emissions.


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