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Cleanroom foam

the solution for low-particle packaging

Clean room foams from NOVAPOR

Novapor cleanroom foams are special foam materials that are developed and manufactured for use in cleanroom environments. Our cleanroom foams are made from materials that do not produce particles or contaminants and are designed to have low outgassing properties.

Cleanroom foams Novapor foam
Cleanroom packaging Transport packaging for use in cleaned areas with Novapor cleanroom foam

minimize contamination

Clean rooms are environments in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to minimize the presence of contaminants that could potentially damage products or processes carried out in the cleanroom. Cleanrooms are used in a variety of industries including electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Cleanroom foam for low-particle and low-germ product solutions

Dust-free product packaging

Cleanroom foams are used in cleanrooms for a variety of applications, e.g. For example, packaging and handling delicate materials, cleaning and wiping surfaces, and cushioning and protecting delicate equipment. They are also used in the construction of cleanroom walls and floors, and in the manufacture of cleanroom gloves and other protective clothing.

Cleanroom foams Novapor foam 5
Cleanroom foam for packaging with low levels of particles and germs

Special foams for clean rooms

Examples of popular foams for clean rooms include: plastazote and Evazote foams. These can be shaped into the desired shapes using various manufacturing processes such as water jetting. Depending on the customer's requirements, we can simply clean the foams and pack them in dust-free sleeves or bags, but complex cleaning and packaging can also be carried out in our modern and fully equipped Class 7 clean room.


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