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Foam dunnage inserts

securely protected on all travel routes

Load carrier for automotive Novapor packaging foam

LOAD CARRIERS made of foam

Foam cargo carriers are specially designed foam solutions or foam inserts that are used to protect and secure items during transportation, storage or shipping. These foam inserts are designed to conform precisely to the contours and dimensions of the items they are intended to protect. Our automotive packaging solutions provide superior cushioning and shock absorption to protect delicate or fragile items from damage during transportation.


Nowadays, individual parts and assemblies have to travel long distances due to globalization. Our goal is to ensure that your components are safely protected on all journeys. Especially for them automotive industry We develop transport solutions because sensitive transport goods require optimal protection. Our load carriers can be used in internal as well as external circulation.

easy loading and unloading of parts

Load carrier 4

Production of special load carriers made of foam

The manufacturing process for foam load carriers typically includes the following steps:


Draft: First, the design of the foam load carriers is created, taking into account the specific dimensions, shapes and requirements of the items to be protected.


Selection of material: The appropriate foam material is selected based on factors such as density, hardness and resilience to meet the needs of the application.

Cutting and Shaping: The foam is precisely cut and shaped to fit the contours of the objects. 


Assembly: The foam pieces are assembled into containers, trays or packaging to create a safe and protective environment for the items.


Quality control: Foam load carriers are tested to ensure they meet quality and fit standards.

the choice of material

The choice of foam depends on several factors, including:


Protection level: The foam's ability to absorb shock, impact and vibration and protect items from damage.



Weight: The total weight of the packaging, which may affect shipping costs.



Durability: Some foams are more durable and can withstand repeated use, making them suitable for long-term applications.



Chemical resistance: For applications exposed to chemicals or moisture.



Cost: The cost effectiveness of the foam relative to the protection provided.


Adaptability: Easily adaptable to items and containers.



Some common foams used to make foam load carriers are polyethylene (PE) foam, polyurethane (PU) foam, polypropylene (PP) foam, and cellular rubber.


Load carrier for automotive Novapor packaging foam b
Load carrier 5


  • clean and protected products during transportation
  • easy loading and unloading
  • protection against impact
  • advantage of modular and stacking options
  • foam inserts provide high dunnage properties
  • Reusability of the containers with new foam inserts
  • Permanent quantity control


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