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Protective packaging

the best solution for sensitive devices and products

Novapor foam pads for shipping products, made to measure


Logistics routes can be long and demanding for your product. Novapor offers constructive and safe packaging for your products or devices. Our shipping packaging is simple and flexible to use. The durable foam protects your product/device from vibrations and impacts. NOVAPOR padding material is largely made from recycled foam and can be 100% recycled after use.


Our packaging provides a reliable and efficient way to protect products during transport and improve the customer experience. They are versatile, customizable and help maintain the value and quality of your products.

Novapor shipping solutions: safely protected, quickly packed


With NOVAPOR shipping packaging you get a uniform and simple packaging system. The products are safely protected during transport and the customer finds attractive packaging. With padding sets made from expanded and extruded foams P.S, PE, PP and PUR - POLYURETHANE We offer your products reliable protection against transport stress, vibration damage and falls. In the case of electronically sensitive products, the pads can also be in ESD be made. 

Shipping packaging from Novapor for sensitive devices, ESD foam packaging for shipping
Unprotected packaging with plastic film can cause transport damage

inadequate packaging

NOVAPOR shipping packaging is made from recyclable materials such as corrugated cardboard or non-crosslinked PE foam. When developing our packaging solutions, we focus on using less material and reducing final weight. Huge amounts of unnecessary packaging film and wrapping paper are replaced by intelligent customized packaging.

Shipping packaging made by Novapor, made of foam and cardboard, recyclable packaging

consistent packaging

NOVAPOR protective packaging, provides uniform and simple packaging solutions, customized to your needs. Your products are safely protected during transport and your customer will benefit from an attractive packaging.


With NOVAPOR solutions, you can significantly optimize your packing times. You save employee time and can plan your packing processes better.


NOVAPOR offers certified packaging tests and transport simulations, conducted according to international standards such as ISTA. Read more.

Shipping packaging from Novapor, made entirely of corrugated cardboard, cardboard and corrugated cardboard insert, recyclable packaging
Shipping packaging Foam packaging from Novapor


  • Protection against damage
  • Precise fit
  • Secure fixation during transport
  • Protection against scratches and friction
  • Customer satisfaction and fewer complaints and returns
  • Professional appearance
  • Sustainability through recyclable materials
  • Cost efficiency by reducing damage and losses


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