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Technical foams

Special foam parts for complex machines


In today's technology-driven world, technical parts play a crucial role in almost every industry. From the automotive industry to aerospace and electronics manufacturing, high-precision components are essential. Protecting and storing these parts requires an equally precise solution. This is where industrial foams come into play.


With a large selection of technical foams, we manufacture products to suit your application. Our technical foams are primarily installed on complex products or high-precision machines. We analyze the requirements of the project and create customized solutions. Our foams have flame-retardant, filtering or sealing properties.

Novapor special flat gasket made of foam

Technical foams: seal, filter and insulate efficiently

Novapor special technical foam pads for sealing, filtering and insulating complex machines


An example of our technical foam is the EPP foam, ideal for use in the automotive industry as a seal in a trunk. Flame retardant PE foams are often used in air conditioning systems to dampen fan vibrations.

Regardless of quantities, we offer individual seals in different materials and sizes. When manufacturing on our water jet machines, there are no tool costs. Changes can be implemented quickly at any time.


The cushioning properties of NOVAPOR industrial foams protect technical parts from shocks and vibrations that can occur during transport. This is particularly important for sensitive electronic components. They are moisture resistant, ensuring technical parts are protected from moisture and corrosion, especially in environments with high moisture content.

Flat gaskets made of foam for industry

Flat gaskets play a crucial role in a variety of applications where technical parts are used. They offer sealing, shock absorption, precise fit and chemical resistance. Without them, many processes in various industries would be unthinkable. Choosing the right seals is crucial to ensure the performance and lifespan of technical parts. 

Flat gasket technical foams from Novapor made of foam

We supply flat gaskets and stamped parts according to drawings or samples as:

  • blanks
  • rings
  • washers
  • individual seals with and without self-adhesive film
Novapor flat gasket made of technical foam, insulation, seal
Novapor special technical foam pads for sealing, filtering and insulating complex machines


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