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Sample shipping in the Peli case foam insert

Safe sample shipping in the Peli™ Air case: protection, cooling and reliability


Delicate goods require top-notch protection, and when it comes to secure sample shipping, there's hardly a better choice than rugged Peli™ Air Case 1507 in striking orange. This case impresses not only with its extreme robustness, but also with its lightness, which makes transport effortless. But that's not all - we offer you a comprehensive solution to ensure that your samples are optimally protected on the go.

Sample shipping in the Peli case Novapor foam 5

Our tailor-made PE insert Plastazote foam is specially tailored to five sample tubes. Plastazote foam consists of tiny closed cells that have no connection to each other. This closed cell structure makes the foam waterproof and resistant to moisture, making it suitable for applications in water or humid environments. Plastazote is resistant to many chemicals, making it suitable for use in laboratory or medical environments. This insert is a masterpiece of precision and ensures optimal protection for your valuable samples. Not only does it absorb shock and vibration, but it also ensures your samples stay securely in place, even in turbulent transport conditions.

NOVAPOR individual solution for sample shipping

We understand the importance of maintaining the cold chain for certain samples. That's why we have integrated a special compartment into our Peli™ Air case in which ice packs can be placed. This ensures a constant climate in the case during transport and your samples are preserved in the right conditions.

Sample shipping in the Peli case Novapor foam 8

The safety of your samples is also important to us. That's why our Peli™ Air case has a TSA combination lock that protects the contents from unauthorized access. This means your samples remain safe and intact, no matter where you transport them.

This case solution is not only extremely reliable, but also reusable, making it a sustainable choice. You can rest assured that your samples will reach their destination safely and securely in this Peli™ Air case. Rely on quality, reliability and care – rely on us for your sample shipping.”

Why is the Peli™ the right choice as a protective case?

The Peli™ protective case is often the right choice for various reasons:

  • Robustness and durability: Peli™ transport cases are known for their high quality and durability. They are made of high quality materials that can withstand shocks, drops and rough treatment. This makes them ideal for protecting sensitive or expensive devices, equipment and instruments.
  • Waterproof and dustproof: Peli™ protective cases are typically waterproof and dustproof. This protects the contents from moisture, water, dirt and dust, which is particularly important when the equipment is used in harsh environments or when transported in humid conditions.
  • Individually adaptable: With the Novapor foam inserts, each Peli™ case can be adapted to the specific requirements of your equipment. This ensures that your equipment is stored safely and securely.
  • Various sizes and models: Peli™ offers a wide range of case sizes and models to meet different needs. Whether you need a small protective box for sensitive electronics or a large case for bulky gear, there's a Peli option to suit you.
  • Air pressure compensation valve: Peli™ cases often have an air pressure equalization valve that allows pressure to be equalized within the case. This is particularly important when traveling with the case and overcoming large differences in altitude, as the difference in pressure could affect the seal.
  • Locking systems: Peli™ cases are often equipped with reliable locking systems that securely lock the contents and protect them from unauthorized access.
  • Guarantee: Peli™ typically offers a lifetime warranty on their cases, which underlines the confidence in the quality and durability of these products.
Sample shipping in the Peli case Novapor foam 7

Overall, Peli protective cases are a popular choice for individuals and companies looking for a reliable and robust solution for transporting and protecting their equipment, especially in demanding environments and critical applications.

Why is Plastazote the right foam choice for cases?

Plastazote foam, also known as Plastazote polyethylene foam, has certain properties that make it better than other foams in some applications. However, it is important to note that the “betterness” of a material depends on the specific requirements and intended use. Here are some reasons why Plastazote foam may be preferred in certain situations:

  • Low density: Plastazote has a low density, meaning it is light. This makes it ideal for applications where low weight is important, such as in aerospace engineering or sports equipment construction.
  • Chemical resistance: Plastazote foam is typically resistant to many chemicals, oils and solvents. This makes it suitable for use in environments where contact with aggressive substances is likely.
  • Closed cell structure: Plastazote has a closed cell structure, meaning its cells are completely closed. This prevents water, dust and dirt from entering, making it useful in damp or dusty environments.
  • Good cushioning properties: Plastazote offers excellent cushioning properties making it ideal for protecting sensitive equipment or electronic components. It absorbs shocks and vibrations well, protecting the contents from damage.
  • Customizability: Plastazote foam is relatively easy to cut, shape and customize. This makes it possible to produce custom foam inserts for protective cases that are tailored to the exact shape and size of the equipment.
  • Hygienic: Plastazote is non-toxic and easy to clean, which is why it is used in medical applications such as padding and orthotics.
Foam panels Novapor packaging

It is important to note that Plastazote foam is not the best choice in all situations. Depending on the specific requirements, such as temperature resistance, load capacity or elasticity, a different foam may be more suitable. Choosing the right material always depends on individual needs and applications.

Discover our wide selection of protective cases and foam now and choose the perfect companion for your needs. Don't miss the opportunity to secure your equipment. Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.

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