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ISCC certification Novapor recycled foam packaging

Sustainable foams with ISCC Plus: Novapor's contribution to the environment


At Novapor, sustainability and environmental awareness are at the heart of our corporate philosophy. This is reflected not only in our production methods, but also in the careful selection of our raw materials and suppliers. We recently underlined our commitment to sustainability by launching a new ISCC Plus certified foam manufactured by Sekisui Alveo. The sustainable foams with ISCC Plus do not differ in any way from the well-known material, but rather impress in terms of performance and appearance. A new sample is not necessary.

What exactly is behind the ISCC Plus-certified foam?

NOVAPOR – Our understanding of sustainable business

At NOVAPOR, a sustainable economic approach means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, compliance with the EU sustainability criteria (“Green Deal”/circular economy) and improving the environmental balance through the reduced use of fossil raw materials. To achieve this, we have already decided on the foam with the ISCC PLUS mass balance approach.

Sustainable foams with ISCC Plus

ISCC PLUS mass balance approach

ISCC PLUS stands for International Sustainability & Carbon Certification. This organization is internationally recognized, follows extremely transparent guidelines for the mass balance approach and offers comprehensive solutions for both the biocircular economy and the circular economy from a single source.

To put it simply, the ISCC PLUS mass balance approach works similarly to green electricity from energy suppliers, but specifically for polymers. How the energy supplier must ensure by purchasing green electricity that the polymer manufacturer acquires suitable material flows to replace fossil primary products. An increasing number of certified companies are already taking this approach into account. Valid ISCC PLUS certificates:

  • 404 (04/2020)
  • 870 (04/2021)
  • 1941 (04/2022)

The polymer manufacturer can sell the finished polymer - depending on the proportion of the sustainably produced material stream - with an ISCC PLUS certificate. The end product does not differ from polymers made from conventional precursors and is used in all applications. No new validation or approval from the customer is required for the production of our polyolefin foams!

For the biocircular economy and circular economy, the raw materials meet the definition of waste or residue according to the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC and are therefore not intentionally produced material flows. Our supplier's production plant in Roermond (NL) has been ISCC PLUS certified since 2020.

On our path to sustainable business, we follow a life cycle analysis (LCA) and determine the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) for selected foams. In this way we meet the requirements of our customers and the requirements of the market.

Sustainable foams iscc
Suitcase insert made from sustainable foams with ISCC Plus

Our obligations at a glance:

Sustainable supply chain: We guarantee a sustainable supply chain that meets the highest standards.

Compliance with RED: Our sustainable foam with ISCC Plus meets the EU Commission's Renewable Energy Directive (RED) guidelines to ensure that it is produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Consistency with the SDGs: Our sustainable foams with ISCC Plus certificate support the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs) and thus contribute to the global environmental agenda.

Independent verification: The sustainability declaration and mass balance of our foam are independently verified to ensure maximum transparency and credibility.

graphic Novapor foam packaging 1

Why ISCC Plus?

Choosing ISCC Plus brings with it numerous advantages:

International recognition: ISCC Plus is an internationally recognized certification that ensures the highest standards of sustainability and environmental protection.

Transparency in the supply chain: The certification places high demands on transparency throughout the entire supply chain, from raw material extraction to the end product.

Mass balance approach: ISCC Plus' transparent mass balance approach provides clear guidelines and solutions for the bioeconomy and circular economy.

Strong increase in certified companies: The increasing number of companies becoming ISCC Plus certified highlights the growing global trend towards sustainable practices.

The ISCC PLUS mass balance approach explains: Comparable to the “green electricity approach” at energy suppliers, the ISCC Plus mass balance approach enables a clear allocation of sustainable practices along the entire supply chain. Similar to choosing between different power sources, the customer can now be sure that our polymer meets the highest sustainability standards, comparable to green electricity certificates.

graphic Novapor foam packaging 3

Novapors sustainable foams with ISCC PLUS certificate: NA FROM 36

From now on our sustainable foams can be used with ISCC Plus – NA FROM 36 – with a proud 95 % organic circular content, thanks to the ISCC PLUS certificate. This underlines our commitment to environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production practices.

Sustainable disposal of production waste

We also focus on sustainability when treating production waste. Our post-industrial waste, which is generated during the production of our cross-linked PE foams, is recycled in collaboration with a partner. In this way, the waste gets a new life and contributes to a closed circular economy.

At Novapor we are proud to contribute to protecting the environment while offering high quality products. Our sustainable foams with ISCC Plus certificate are a further step towards a sustainable future that we are shaping together.

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