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Machine industry

Companies in the mechanical engineering industry manufacture machines ranging from small, handy formats to room-sized devices. Machines are exported all over the world, especially from Germany. For this, NOVAPOR supplies solutions for process optimization as well as technical cuts for shipping.

NOVAPOR packaging solutions for the mechanical engineering industry

Reusable packaging, load carriers for industry with foam inserts, Euro containers


Products and devices from mechanical engineering often consist of many complex individual components. Since not everything can be produced in-house, a large network of suppliers is used. NOVAPOR develops for the recurring shipment of individual components reusable packaging to increase effectiveness, reduce waste and save costs.


Technical foams from NOVAPOR are required in many areas. As seal protection, as foam with an insulating effect, as protection against strong vibrations and oscillations, for acoustic optimization or as shock protection for users. With a large selection of insulating, fire-retardant and shock-absorbing foams, NOVAPOR offers a solution for many applications. 

Novapor special technical foam pads for sealing, filtering and insulating complex machines


In mechanical engineering, the interplay of price and quality must be right. For this, the processes are optimized to the extreme.  With NOVAPOR shadow foam inserts we equip workplaces at suppliers and manufacturers so that these) processes run as best as possible. Access times are optimized, tools are spared and missing tools are immediately apparent thanks to the two-tone inserts.

Foam tool tray, shadowboards in black and red for protecting and organizing tools

Optimize processes and save costs


With export corrugated board or wooden packaging, solutions for worldwide transport are developed and manufactured. NOVAPOR uses environmentally friendly materials that offer the best possible protection. We support you in the packaging process through to the finished product export packaging. Benefit from process and cost optimization for your logistics processes.

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