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Tote dividers and partitions

Order and protection within the packaging


Novapor partitions are intelligent separation systems for boxes or cartons. The individual size of the partition keeps the product secure and minimizes movement.

Depending on the nature of the product, the material chosen is corrugated cardboard, foam or hollow chamber profile and thus ensures optimal protection. But that's not all - dividers or grid compartment inserts optimize the packaging process and ensure a quick overview of quantity and completeness.

Novapor compartments or grid compartment insert made of PE foam, easily customizable, available in several colors

excelent protection with a minimum use of material

Novapor compartments or grid compartment insert, easily adjustable, divides a box into several compartments

The versatility of subjects

NOVAPOR separation systems are available in various materials, including foam, corrugated cardboard and hollow chamber profile. The choice of material depends on the specific requirements of the goods being transported. Individually manufacturable, the compartments can be adapted to existing containers and, for example, divide a box into several compartments. This allows the components through the little freedom of movement not be damaged during transport.


Shipping container compartments are separating inserts that are placed inside containers and crates to divide the interior space into separate sections. They are available in a wide range of materials and configurations depending on the specific requirements of the goods and products to be transported. The areas of application for compartments in transport containers are diverse and range from logistics to the electronics industry to food processing.


Compartments made of hollow chamber profile for Euro containers from Novapor foam packaging
Novapor compartments made of corrugated cardboard, order and protection within the packaging, recyclable
Compartments and partition Novapor packaging foam 5


  • Protection against damage to items during transport
  • Clear and organized arrangement of goods and products in a transport container
  • Time savings when loading and unloading transport containers and when searching for specific products or goods
  • Cost savings through protection against damage and organization of goods
  • Optimally adapted to the sensitivity of the goods
  • the amount of partitions and sizes can be designed individually
  • Lots of protection with little use of materials
  • Adaptation to cardboard boxes or plastic or aluminum containers possible


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