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Product presentation packaging

brand communication meets high quality packaging


Presentation packaging is special packaging solutions that have been developed to not only protect products safely, but also to present them in an attractive and professional manner. This type of packaging is often used to present products in a way that attracts customers' attention and reinforces first impressions.

Quality packaging implies a quality product. With our Foam inserts, especially for the sale and presentation of your products, ensure a professional appearance. We put your product in the foreground. Increase the sales potential of your products and be optimally prepared for trade fairs, customer visits or presentations!

With an optimal interaction of high-quality outer packaging and an attractive inlay, we ensure a pleasant user experience when opening the packaging. We combine attractive foams, fine corrugated cardboard or high-quality wooden elements and create unique packaging.

Presentation packaging glass ceramic Novapor foam

Get the best out of your products!

Presentation packaging 1

the first impression counts

Presentational packaging offers a variety of advantages for branding companies and products. The production of presentation packaging often requires special attention to design and details. Incorporating foam inserts or padding into packaging can ensure product protection while ensuring elegant presentation. This type of packaging helps emphasize the value and attractiveness of products and appeal to customers.

diverse advantages for branding products

  • Brand identity: Using company colors, logos and brand messages on packaging helps reinforce the brand and ensure consistent branding.


  • First impression: Attractive packaging can arouse interest and arouse customer curiosity, which has a positive effect on brand perception.


  • Differentiation: By presenting your products in unique presentation packaging, you can stand out from the competition.


  • Value: High-quality presentation packaging conveys the impression of quality and value.


  • Recognizability: A consistent design of presentation packaging across different product lines promotes brand recognition. Customers can associate the packaging with your brand, which can increase brand loyalty in the long term.


  • Customer experience: Interacting with attractive presentation packaging can create a positive customer experience. This helps customers feel cared for and associate their shopping or gifting experiences with your brand.


  • Marketing opportunities: Presentation packaging offers space for additional marketing messages, such as product information, QR codes, discount offers or stories about the brand. 
Presentation packaging Novapor foam 6b min
Presentation packaging Novapor foam 7b min
Presentation packaging case made of aluminum with foam insert

Benefit from our many years of expertise:

  • We manufacture according to your wishes
  • Various combinations of materials and colors
  • No minimum production quantities
  • Labeling of foam insert and/or case
  • On request including plastic or Aluminum case
  • Individualization through print and color


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