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Wood foam


The wood foam Fibrease™ by Stora EnsO is a lightweight wood fiber-based foam material obtained from Nordic wood. This material is characterized by its high resilience and offers outstanding cushioning and insulating properties. At the same time, the material is wonderfully recyclable and can easily be integrated into existing paper and cardboard streams. 

Wood foam, recyclable

Foam as wood can be disposed of with waste paper

Wooden foam cushions, wooden foam cushioning sets, recyclable shipping packaging

Novapor packaging with wood foam padding

The cellulose foam Fibrease™ by Stora Enso was developed to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging. It is a soft yet elastic material with similar properties to memory foam. Thanks to its versatility, it can be processed using various processing methods such as sawing, punching, water jet cutting and laminating.


Cellulose foam is a type of packaging material made from cellulose fibers, typically derived from recycled paper products. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional packaging materials such as Styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap. 

Wood foam Novapor foam picture 22 1

Our wood foam can be easily disposed of in the paper recycling bin and will then be recycled in a professional manner.

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With the foam made from wood fibers you save a lot of Co2 compared to alternative packaging materials!

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Made of wood that bears a FSC certificate and has a percentage of wood fiber as high as 80%.

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Thanks to the employment of an efficient dry forming process, wood foam is characterized by low energy usage as well as the complete elimination of water consumption.

Wood foam Novapor foam Figure 23 1

Significantly reduced water consumption than in the production of corrugated cardboard!

Wood foam shipping packaging recyclable

Advantages of cellulose foam in packaging:

  • Sustainable material
  • Excellent cushioning and shock-absorbing properties
  • Suitable for customized packaging solutions
  • Recyclable, reduces waste
  • Insulating properties

NOVAPOR supplies wood foam as sheets, cuttings, punched parts or finished packaging.

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