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Cleanroom packaging

protected from unwanted contamination

Cleanroom packaging from NOVAPOR

With NOVAPOR state-of-the-art cleanroom, we are able to offer you cleanroom-certified packaging and special foams. Our technical packaging and foams can be sterilized in our cleanroom using high technology procedures. NOVAPOR cleanroom packaging process meets our customers' individual requirements, especially those for the aviation, medical technology and machine industries.

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Novapor cleanroom foams

Our foam packaging and technical foams are designed to shed a minimal amount of particles to ensure cleanroom hygiene. They can be easily sterilized and sanitized to avoid microbial contamination. NOVAPOR foam packaging offers a high level of protection against shock, vibration and scratches that may occur during transport and storage. This prevents damage to sensitive products.

Cleanroom packaging according to strict hygiene standards

Transport packaging for cleanrooms

We provide the right transport packaging required for use in your clean work environment. Our transport packaging for clean rooms, for example a PELI™ case, is adapted to the specific environmental requirements and the nature of the product to be transported. They are available in different shapes and sizes and can also be equipped with foam inserts, for example.

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Cleanroom packaging Transport packaging for use in cleaned areas with Novapor cleanroom foam

Corrugated plastic packaging for cleanrooms

Corrugated plastic packaging made of PP is ideal for the use in cleanrooms, as it can be easily sterilized with isopropanol. We provide folding boxes manufactured from corrugated plastic boards, which can be used perfectly as outer packaging.

Minimize contamination risks

NOVAPOR cleanroom (class 10,000 according to US Federal Standard 209E) is annually tested and certified according to EN ISO 14644. HEPA 14 high-performance filters and filter fan units ensure a minimum of particles in the room. Through defined internal tests of particles in the room, as well as high control technology, we can ensure that our cleanroom services deliver consistent high quality results to our customers.

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